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“Colorado: Dark Side of the Mountain”
59” x 11”

Gabriel Glenn

Final Bid: $250

Minimum starting bid $100, Minimum Bid raise increment $25
BUY IT NOW $1000, enter $1000 into price field, first bidder to submit $1000 bid wins

I grew up in Bryan, Texas and had an early curiosity of design, technology and
cinematography, but really got my start by taking apart the TV, watching MacGyver and
almost burning down the house with my chrome Electrolux vacuum cleaner robot.
I graduated with honors from Texas State University and am currently a package
designer at Dell. My greatest strength is the ability to bridge both engineering and
design principles. I thrive on textile interaction and am happiest when working with my
hands. I have been called a polymath and am as comfortable working in print and
packaging design as I am in 3D modeling, rapid prototyping and web design. I am a life
long learner, have a very curious nature and leverage my unique perspective and
knowledge of multiple fields to better inform and guide my creative design solutions.

Inspired by the experience of finding oneself on the pitch black side of the mountain
come dark. Silver inline type employed to highlight the wealth, stories, lives and
incredible community these mountains have birthed and that I now call myself privileged
to be a part of.


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