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“Tribute to Sergeant Stubby”
63’ x 12”

Federico Carbone

Final Bid: $450

Minimum starting bid o$100, Minimum Bid raise increment $25
BUY IT NOW $1000, enter $1000 into price field, first bidder to submit $1000 bid wins

My name is Federico Carbone, I’m originally from Argentina and moved to America over
a decade ago. I have been involved in art since I was a child, participating in thousands
of private and public projects. My style could be defined as realism or surrealism and
my favorite type of works are murals or portraits of either humans or animals.

This is my third year participating in Powder Hounds Art Auction. I decided to pay tribute
to a hero dog, specifically one named Sergeant Stubby who represents thousands of
wonderful dogs I have met in my career as a behaviorist working at La Plata County
Humane Society. When I read the story of Sergeant Stubby, I was fascinated. As a war
hero… I have decided to present you his portrait


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