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“View From Here”
62” x 12.5”

Miki Harder

Final Bid: $300

Minimum starting bid $100, Minimum Bid raise increment $25
BUY IT NOW $1000, enter $1000 into price field, first bidder to submit $1000 bid wins.

Paintbrush, clay or welder in hand, it’s Miki’s deepest desire to share and express the
joy she finds in the inter-play of a connected natural world. Her style is constantly
evolving as she tries to find the best way to convey silly, micro, macro and the gorgeous
underlying geometry of all things.

Miki earned a bachelor’s in Fine Art and Biology at Fort Lewis College in Durango,
Colorado (a very long time ago). Her work is diverse, from tile mosaic, welded sculpture,
bronze sculpture, corporate tagging, book illustration, wall murals and painted
renderings of whatever her current obsession is. She is super delighted to get to paint a
snowboard for LPCHS this year!


LPCHS footer: 1111 S. Camino Del Rio, Durango, CO 81303