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“Humane Society Mafia”
56” x 11”

Peter C. Dunn

Final Bid: $300

Minimum starting bid $100, Minimum Bid raise increment $25
BUY IT NOW $1000, enter $1000 into price field, first bidder to submit $1000 bid wins.

I consider myself fortunate to be born and raised in Durango. From a young age I would
pause to notice my surroundings, wondering how I could capture what I saw on canvas.
I did not start actively pursuing my talent until 2002. This is when I became fascinated
with the cover art on The New Yorker magazine. There would be a new rendering every
week that would contain dramatic stylings and subtle humor incorporated into the
designs. I began to pursue this style of art and most would say that I have a very
cartoon-like twist on subjects.

In terms of medium, I began with watercolor, progressed to acrylic and then found my
passion in oils. I love the bold colors and subtle glazes that make my characters feel
solid and real. When I am not painting for my own entertainment, I paint commissioned works that come to me mainly by word of mouth. Everything from landscapes and portraits to pets and abstract subjects, nothing is taboo. I only stipulate that I paint what I see and can add my own flare.


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