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“Faded Forest: Ethereal Winter Woods”
54” x 11”
Mixed Media

Wendy Niziol

Final Bid: $600

Minimum starting bid $100, Minimum Bid raise increment $25
BUY IT NOW $1000, enter $1000 into price field, first bidder to submit $1000 bid wins.

Wendy has always considered herself a creative individualist. Her interest in art and
architecture started at an early age and thanks to her parent’s support she was able to
channel her creativity into a career. She’s won multiple scholarships and awards for her
art and design in high school, university and beyond and has extensive teaching
experience in art, architecture, Photoshop, CAD and 3D computer modeling.

“Faded Forest: Ethereal Winter Woods” displays a landscape rooted and grounded yet
ethereal and extremely delicate in a way that seems too perfect for this world. The piece
represents the strength and other-worldly beauty of nature and the mystery of how the
dead and decay under the ground eventually feeds the life and beauty above.



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