Our Story... a while back we stopped by La Plata County Humane Society to drop off donations for the Thrift Store. Of course being animal lovers, we couldn’t leave without playing with the dogs out in the yard. Wow! We were so impressed by how much fun these animals were having and the dedication of the volunteers. We looked at each other and asked “what can we do to help?”

On the drive back to our home we started scheming - as a prolific artist; represented in galleries across the US, Canada and Mexico and a freelance photographer and avid skier with a resume of volunteer fundraising experiences - surely there is something we could do to help. That’s when the idea for “Powder Hounds Art Auction” was born!

Our Goal... to donate 100% of the proceeds from a silent art auction to LPCHS. We plan to enlist local artists to hand paint, screen print, carve or decorate used snowboards. The art boards will be exhibited at various locations in and around the City of Durango and culminate in an event where the winning bids will be announced and the artists thanked for their efforts. We also hope this might become an annual event!

Wendy Niziol and Ray Phillips join La Plata County Humane society with Pudgley at XRock105.3 fm, featuring Ray's board "What in Tarnation?"

Snowboards decorated by local artists being auctioned around town
Proceeds will benefit La Plata County Humane Society
By Bret Hauff City government & crime reporter
Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019 5:53 PM

La Plata County Humane Society visit with adoptable Sweet Potato to XRock105.3 fm and bring Katsola's "Miyuki & Tamotsu" snowboard for Powder Hounds Art Auction.

Wendy and Ray